We are Legion: For We Are Many | LegionShop.dk

The story behind “Legion: For We Are Many” begins many years ago, many years before we launched our store LegionShop.dk. Here you’ll get the short story behind our small buisness and its origin.

The story starts with two brothers, Henrik and Carsten, born and raised in northern part of Denmark, both with a huge passion for music, spanning from jazz to extreme metal.

In spring 2003 we decided to launch the web-magazine Revolution-Music.dk, which to this day is still up and running, and is one of our country’s longest lasting webzines with thousands of readers every day. With Revolution-Music.dk we accomplished many exiting things, interviewed a lot of big and smaller bands, covering concerts and festivals with articles and an extensive concert gallery, as well as reviews of tens of thousands of releases from all over the world.

Over the years we expanded Revolution Music with other ventures including a booking and management service for upcoming bands and eventually we formed Revolution-Inc.dk as a connection point for all these side ventures.

Back in 2010 we dabbled with the idea of selling our own merch for Revolution Music and in 2011 we decided to create our own clothing brand named “Legion: For We Are Many”. The idea was not only to sell Revolution Music merch, but to make a clothing brand for our subculture with clothes inspired by the rock and metal scene. In 2013 we launched our first and small collection with 5 designs, but due to some issues, we could not run the business model as first intented. Many years went by and the desire to sell our clothes was lengthy discussed and new ideas brewed.

Finally in 2018, we launched a proper webshop with a much bigger collection of clothes for not just grown-ups, but also for teens and children. Now one and a half year later, we’ve partnered with a new manufacturer and a launch an upgraded webshop with new features, such as customazation for our customers as well as accessories and home living items.

We hope you enjoy our new and improved collection.
– Henrik & Carsten Brogaard