Legion: For We Are Many are a small business, it’s a subsidiary of Revolution Inc. As a small business we wanted to think outside the box, with a few goals in mind, we wanted to: have a limited amount of inventory, be environment friendly and still find a solution were we are be able to create designs and offer a wide range of clothing and accessories in multiple sizes, colors and variants. We decided to go with the “print on demand” model.

What does this mean? In short, it means that every order is printed specially for you, the customer. This also means we can offer our designs in multiple colors, on multiple products and in a wide range of sizes.

The long version: Print on demand is a process where we work with a manufacturer/supplier. This manufacturer offers a range of clothing and accessories options for us to print on, just like an ordinary printing company, the difference is the products we sell on our store is not printed beforehand. So, once you, the customer buys a product, a hole process begins, where your manufacturer starts its process.

Direct to Garment printing in progress

The process goes like this:
Choosing the printing location* > Picking the product(s) > Printing the product(s) > Quality control of the product(s) > Sorting the product(s) > Packaging > Shipping your order!
*our manufacturer has multiple facilities around the world, so if you order in Europe, the product will be fulfilled in one of two European facilities. The same goes for USA, Mexico and soon Canada.

We have chosen to work with not only one of the leading manufactures when it comes to printing quality but also a company that are working hard to provide a sustainable business model. Some products might be more expensive then you’ll find elsewhere, but we focus on the high printing quality, the best fabrics and the most advanced printing technics.
This gives us multiple options of prints, here is a few examples:

Direct to Garment” is a technic where the design is printed directly onto
the material
Cut and Sew” or “All-Over Print”, as the latter describe, the design is printed
all-over the garment, which makes some very unique products. This is possible
on everything from leggings, shirts to bags and jackets
Embroidery” is well known from especially caps with embroidered logos, we
can make ordinary embroidered “prints” as well as add a 3D effect to most items.
We’ll be using this technic on bags, shirts and of cause caps
Engraved” is used in some accessories like necklaces and bracelets, where
you can engrave a personal name or word for a loved one or yourself

This business model, has its pros and cons like any other business model. Here are a couple that affects you, the customer:

  • You can make personal products (read more about Personalized Products)
  • You can buy products with a clear conscious, because we are an environment friendly company (read more about it in “Sustainable Business”)
  • Because of multiple printing facilities you’ll have less risk of custom taxes
  • If you find a design on one of our products, but you would like the design on another item, size or color, you are more then welcome to contact us and in most cases we can make it happen.
  • Another great perk with to our buisness model, is if you are a band or a company, who needs a product to represent your brand, we can make it for you, with no minimum requirement.
    • that being said, if you buy in bulk we can provide a discount with a minimum of 25 items of the same product. Here you can pick and choose colors, sizes and even mix up the design.


  • Fulfillment time can sometime be a timely process, so we hope you’ll be patient if a packages is a little over its due date
  • As we make personal products, printed in the size and color you choose, some of your products are not eligible for refund, compensation or replacement, unless it’s a problem with the product itself or if there has been made a mistake in the printing process by our manufacturer.