Introducing the new and improved!

After months of hard work our new webshop is finally ready, and with the launch of the shop we have a bunch of special offers.

’A facelift that shows.’

With the relaunch of, we are taking an international approve and introducing a webshop in English and with payment options that should fit everyone’s needs. We have optimized our homepage, so it is even more user friendly and enhanced the navigation, so it is easier and faster than ever before. We have cut away unnecessary data and made sure only what remains is the best of the best, it’s a facelift that shows.

‘Offering unique embroidery on a selected assortment.’

We introduce large size products which mean now offer large size products, up to 5XL and more on the way! We strive to make sure that you are guaranteed to find exactly what you are looking for! Offering unique embroidery on a selected assortment, as well as uniquely selective designs with the possibility to customize to your liking.
If you have visited before, you already know many of our designs, these designs are now made with different and better products, we only want the best garment and printing technic for our customers. We also introduce some new products to our ever-expanding catalogue, beside new designs and embroidered clothing and accessories, we now offer ‘all over print’ products.

‘Let us keep the environment our top priority’

We offer print on demand and the ever pressing for practical thinking, inspired us to find a more environmental approach. This environmental plan ensures less wastewater usage and energy when producing our products, we only print when you order. While shopping, you can now focus on finding what your heart desire and let us keep the environment our top priority.

‘Quick and easy shipping’

Our new manufacturers are located multiple places all over the world, incl. Europe and USA, we offer a fast and secure way to order. Your products are then produced at the nearest facility to you, which ensures quick and easy shipping to you when done.

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