New and better products

We have chosen to move our production to another partner.

This means that in the future we have the opportunity to produce and ship worldwide.

We now have production in several places around the world and products will be shipped from the nearest fulfillment center.
If you order from Europe, we will ship from Europe. From US to US etc.

At present time, we have production in Europe, USA and Mexico.

However, there will be some of our products that are only produced in certain countries. And as we are located in Europe, we have chosen to streamline accordingly.
We do have some products that are only produced outside of Europe, and we will point this out in the description.

With our new partner, we can now produce a lot of products that were not possible until now.

For example, AOP print (All over Print) that provides some options for unique designs. From T-shirts, Hoodies to bags, shoes and backpacks.
With AOP, the design is first printed and then cut and stitched together, for the final product.

In addition, we have also replaced our designs on hats with embroidery rather than print.

Last but not least, our personalized products have become far better with more specific options.

Our prints have been improved, with fuller colors and all products are printed on quality brands.

This also means that some products that we used to have in our assortment have now expired.

We hope you will continue supporting Legion: for we are many.

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